The Cheyenne Mountain Ultra 10x5k

The Cheyenne Mountain Ultra is a race designed to offer a unique challenge to runners of all levels.

Whether you are brand new to trail running, a weekend warrior, or an elite athlete, this race will challenge you to reach your full potential!



The fun will commence at 7 AM on Saturday, May 2nd 2020. The 50K event is a 10x5K format (one 5K at the top of each hour for ten consecutive hours). This is the first of its kind in Colorado. You may have done a loop course, but this format allows you to rest between 5k so you are at your best for the next loop. Here's how it works...You will hear a 5 minute warning before the end of each hour. You must be lined up and ready to run at the start of each 5K.  At the midway point (lap 5) we will have runners that are only running a single 5k... 5K only event starts at 11:00 am and runs the same route as the 50K participants (yes, it will be crazy....maybe your crew will want to run this lap with you?). Relay for the 10x5K is open to two and five person teams (must have full teams). Teams choose their own order for runners and share one bib for the whole day. This is the best of both worlds, there will be crazy fast runners, crazy ultra runners and just plain crazy runners on the same course. 


Runner base camp will be a great place for the relay teams, solo runners, crew, family and friends to set up tents and hang out while waiting for the next 5k start. We will be celebrating Cinco De Mayo all day in style with chips and salsa for everyone, great food, a fully stocked start/finish fuel station for runners, music and games. There will be two aid on the course and one at the start/finish.  Don't miss the chance to be part of the coolest ultra trail race in Colorado. 


Participant Shirt
Free Beer
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Base Camp
Custom Bib


50k solo

Solo 50k Competitors will run one loop around the scenic 5k course (one 5K at the top of each hour for ten consecutive hours). Each loop will be timed and winners will be determined by overall times. As long as you complete the 5k loop within the hour window, you are free to spend the rest of that hour resting, eating, stretching, hanging out with family and friends etc. 



Want to share this amazing experience with your favorite running buddies? Sign up for the team race where you will be able to compete as a team of either two or five runners. Each team will share one bib through out the race. As a team of two each runner will complete five loops of the course (25k per team member) As a team of five each runner will complete two loops (10k per team member).


mid day 5k

Not quite ready to take on 50k? You can still be a part of this race! There will be a single 5k option that will take place during the 5th loop of the day (11a.m.) The 5k runners will run the same course as the ultra runners, the 5k will be treated as a separate event. This is a great way to get everybody involved!


The 5k loop in Cheyenne Mountain State park consists of hard packed, flowing single track trail with stunning views of Cheyenne Mountain.


Each 5k loop has about 340 vertical feet of gain (3,400 vertical feet for all ten loops combined) 

The name of the trail is The Sundance loop. We will be running the loop clockwise to begin the day and then alternating course direction each loop to keep things interesting! 

Screen Shot 2019-03-18 at 11.15.58

Course Preview video


The race will take place at the stunning Cheyenne Mountain State Park which is located at:

410 JL Ranch Heights Rd,

Colorado Springs, CO 80926


Every finisher will receive a custom made wood finisher medal. We will celebrate you ALL in Cinco de Mayo style at 6 PM at the awards ceremony where top finishers will be recognized....overall solo M and F, age group awards, team of 2, and team of 5.


Solo Awards:

  • Top 3 overall men and top 3 overall women will receive special award packages from our amazing sponsors.

  • Age group awards for the top three in the following categories:

        Top Male and Female (under 19) (19-29) (30-39) (40-49) (50+)

5k Only: Separate awards for top 3 Overall

Treeline finisher medal
Screen Shot 2019-02-06 at 9.18.41 AM.png


Base Camp is designed for participants and crew members to enjoy all day! Base Camp is one of the unique features of the 10x5k format that will make The Cheyenne Mountain 10 x 5k ULTRA even more fun. There is one Aid Station on the course and one at the base camp where you the rest, recoup and celebrate between loops for the entire day! 

Participants get access to:

  •  A fully stocked Aid Station packed with Hammer gels and electrolyte drinks

  • Four Points nutrition bars…all the fuel runners need to finish strong.

  • Bottomless Chips and Salsa 

  • Taco Bar for the Cinco de Mayo Awards Celebration at 6 PM

  • FREE Beer from Colorado Mountain Brewery (one ticket per participant) in a branded CMB 12 oz. reusable cup

  • Award ceremony...our prize packages for overall, team and age groups will be epic! 

Participants and Crew Members get access to: 

  • All day Music

  • 1 additional ticket to the Taco Bar for crew captain 

  • Corn Hole

  • Life Size "Ultra" Jenga

  • Bring your lawn chairs, Ez-ups and picnic baskets...

  • Cinco de mayo themed AWARD celebration at the end of the day 


Each runner is not only allowed, but encouraged to bring friends and family along with them to help them achieve their goal of running 50k! At treeline racing we strive to create a fun, exciting and memorable atmosphere for both runners and their supporters who play such an impactful role in the participant's success.


We recognize that devoting a full day to helping out a runner is a big commitment of time and energy but that doesn't mean you can't also have the time of your life! To keep things lively between loops at the "Basecamp" area of the race we will have the following:

  • Music all day long (dance if you're feeling special!)

  • Food and drink

  • Free chips and salsa in celebration of cinco de mayo!

  • Cornhole boards

  • Giant "ultra" Jenga

  • Large parking lot to set up ez-up's, chairs, tailgate parties, etc. 


If any crew members would like to get even more involved...we have many volunteer positions available.

Check out our VOLUNTEER PAGE